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We aim to offer an enjoyable, professional and secure service. We guarantee to work with you to provide exactly what you want, to a high standard, within a reasonable time frame.
We are getting through our busy period and can now take on small commissions and display standard miniatures. Email
We are still available for private lessons either brought to you or with us here in Manchester
This is our rough guide to help clients through the process of commissioning a miniatures project.
What Am I Buying?
Golem Painting Studio specialises in miniature painting. From high quality army painting to jaw-dropping display pieces you can be assured that whatever you want will achieved to the highest of standards. But if in doubt then check out our galleries on the left which contain numerous examples of our work.
How Do I Get a Quote?
Send us a list of what you would like painted. The easiest and best way to do this is to email Send us as much detail as you can, remember the more detail you include the better we can match what you want. Or you can always leave it up to our expert judgment! It's your choice. We will reply with an email outlining all costs clearly so you can alter, amend, or eliminate items to suit you. When you’re happy with your quotation you give us the OK and we'll get started.
What information should I include?
1. Your Name - It's always nice to know who we're dealing with, and likewise we're not cold faceless automata.
2. A description of what you want, standard, colour, basing, symbols etc. - Remember to include whether you just require the models painting, or whether you would like us to build, convert, based etc.
3. A detailed model list - So we know exactly what models you want, thus allowing us to provide you with an accurate price, so there are no surprises later.
How Much Will It Cost?
Honestly we can't tell you yet. Check out our Pricing Guide for a rough idea, but until we know exactly what you want there is no way to set a fair price. So if you are interested don't hesitate to get in touch, quotes are free after all.
Optional Extras:
1. Assembly - You can either assemble the models yourself or we can do it for you. Please make sure you are satisfied with them before you send them to us as we are happy to do some minor touch ups but if the army is in a very poor condition then we may need to apply a charge for the additional work. If you do want to leave all the hard work to us then there will be an additional charge for this which will be discussed with you in the initial process.
2. Conversions - If you want a unique model or army that stands apart, then we have talented people more than able to achieve this on your behalf. Typically most clients will set a budget, depending on the size of the project and we will work with them to achieve this.
3. Movement Trays - Most armies require movement trays, if you wish to have some made to match your army then please let us know exactly what size you require in a simple "width (ie number of models in front rank) x depth (ie number of ranks) format.
4. Matching Existing Work - We are often asked if we can match or duplicate work completed by other painters. We can match colour schemes. We cannot guarantee that it will turn out exactly the same but will guarantee an excellent job. If you are worried about matching as closely as possible, you should send a sample - even if it's one we've painted!
Purchasing the Models
The next step is to purchase the models, at which point you have two options.
1. Buy your own models 2. Have us buy the models
If you buy your own models you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to us and we accept models shipped directly from a retailer. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt as soon as they arrive. If you would like us to buy the models for you, we can do this. Just send us an email of what you want and the finished product will miraculously appear at your doorstep!
We always require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost in advance, plus the cost of the models if we are purchasing them for you. Shipping is included in your final quote. This guarantees to both parties that a commitment has been made and the project will proceed as planned. We accept payment by; Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash. You will receive email confirmation on receipt of payment and the whole cost must be settled before models are shipped.
We will provide you with a shipping address once your project is agreed. It is your responsibility to ensure the models are shipped safely and securely so please put small parts into larger envelopes/containers/baggies so that they are not lost. Golem Painting Studio cannot be held responsible for any damage done during shipping. We strive to make sure the models are packed securely and arrive undamaged. If you send your models in an army transport, we will send them back in the army transport.
You can expect your project to be completed in 8 to 10 weeks from when we receive any models, although large projects may take longer. You will be made aware of an estimated completion date when we start. If you have a deadline or need your models in time for a tournament we will be glad to accommodate you, if possible, to the best of our ability, but please let us know beforehand!
Prompt communication is very important to us we’ll endeavour to give you regular updates on how your project is progressing. Always do feel free to contact us at any point throughout your project and don’t ever feel like you’re bothering us! You are the client after all and we are always glad to hear from you.
Project Done!
When a project is complete, we will take photos and send them to you for your approval. At this point you can request minor alterations or speak to us with any concerns. If the work meets your initial specifications but you request major changes this may incur further costs. In your final Paypal payment, please send instructions regarding shipping back to you. Anything not in the notes of the final Paypal payment might be overlooked. If models are not paid for within thirty days of completion without explanation, the models will become the property of Golem Painting Studio and we will find another buyer for them to offset costs.
Golem Painting Studio is not liable for what happens to the models after you get them. You assume all risk of owning and handling the models. You agree to hold Golem Painting Studio harmless. By using our service you are agreeing to this. We offer no guarantee, express or implied. Any remedy is at our discretion. Having said that, you can be sure that any problems will be followed up.
Disclaimers and Warnings
All images used feature the work of Golem Painting Studio in painting only. Golem Painting Studio make no claim to the intellectual property of the underlying models and/or designs. This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited or any other company unless otherwise noted by them.