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We are getting through our busy period and can now take on small commissions and display standard miniatures. Email
We are still available for private lessons either brought to you or with us here in Manchester
This is a basic pricing guide to allow you to get some idea of how much your commission will cost. Please bear in mind pricing is flexible, the ranges listed below are given as a ball park figure and, depending on your specific requirements, in some circumstances it may exceed the given figures. As a general rule; the larger a model the more it will cost, the more of the same type you have the cheaper they will be. Likewise, the more detail you require, such as unit numbering or designs, will also increase the price.
The only way to get a complete and accurate price is to email us for a quote at:
40k painting
Postage: We do charge for postage. The minimum is 5 for all small orders within the UK. You may be asked to pay more for a large order or if you live abroad - we will discuss it with you before we start your project. Any excess over what we ask for we will cover ourselves.