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I have been Teaching Miniature painting for over 15 years now and as my skill has improved so have my methods. This course is a refinement of these teaching experiences.

I have found that over the last 4 years of teaching I have ALWAYS taught the same things to ALL painters of ALL levels. These things are THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PAINTING.

Whether you are painting to a basic level or to high display standard these fundamentals NEVER CHANGE. They are ESSENTIAL!

So on this course I plan to build your fundamentals to improve your overall painting ability

Some, but by no means all, of the ideas taught will be;

  • The Different core brush strokes
  • The Holy Grail of the ideal paint consistency
  • The pallet and its full use
  • How to avoid lumpy streaky paint
  • Create a solid foundation for attending our other events
  • How to use the principles as a tool to keep improving your painting FOREVER!
This event will be intensive and the list above is just a small taste of the course ahead.