tuition & EVENTS


We do offer miniature painting tuition from some of our expert painters with years of experience. . We do have a venue in Manchester where we can offer these lessons in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Lessons are charged at £20 per hour for minimum of 3 hours at our venue in Manchester or minimum of 5 hours plus any travel and accommodation expenses for anywhere outside Manchester.

Golem have run many incredibly successful events including Demon Day and our Master-classes both from our Studio in Manchester and at other industry venues in the U.K.  We have also very successfully worked in partnership with other Studios to bring the best experience possibly to our keen attendees.
If you would like to have Golem run or attend an event here are our packages.  We like to tailor make our approach to suit what you need so do get in touch!

Golem will organise, decide and plan content, manage ticket sales, promote, provide equipment and attend at your venue.

  • Promotion includes creating a flyer, promoting your venue and business with links to your website and other media links as well as the event on our website and all forums we occupy.
  • Equipment we provide will usually include, but may sometimes vary: models, paints, brushes, pallets
  • Cost: We will take our costs from ticket sales.

You provide a venue, decide content ie: NMM, provide equipment, manage ticket sales, manage promotion and hire Golem for the number of days you would like.
Golem will also promote your event and business on our website and forums we occupy.
Cost: £250 Per day + expenses  (9 hour day to allow for set up and pack up time)


We can tailor a package to accommodate your facilities and requirements.  Let us know what you would like and we can work from there!