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About us

Golem Painting Studio was founded in Manchester UK in 2010 by Mike Newman and Tommie Soule. After many happy years working at Games Workshop and having their work featured in Games Workshop publications, they decided to follow their dream of painting models for a living. Mike has now left Golem and the studio is now solely run by Tommie Soule.

Golem Painting Studio now brings together a group of extremely talented individuals, who between them strive to bring the best possible commission painting to the Wargaming and miniature painting community both for private and industry clients alike, most notably Mantic Games, Wargames Foundry, Studio McVey, Soda Pop,Hawk Wargames, Spartan Games as well as professional and personal projects featured on popular websites such as Bell of Lost Souls and Beasts of War and in magazines such as Unseen Lerker, Ravage magazine and high quality publications like White Dwarf, the Cool Mini or Not Annual and all Mantic Games rulebooks.

We are currently supporting the release of Mantic Games kickstarter for their new game Dreadball.

Our miniature painting artists take pride in producing the highest standards for your budget because each project is as individual as the customer - and they love their job!

We can follow any colour scheme from your Rulebook, Army Book or Codex. Alternatively we can create custom schemes for your miniature army.

We are getting through our busy period and can now take on small commissions and display standard miniatures.
We are still available for private lessons either brought to you or with us here in Manchester
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